Mold Testing

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Mold growth is not always visible and can be hidden to the naked eye.

Wherever moisture or improper ventilation is a concern mold could be growing, most commonly in basements and crawl spaces where air flow is poor. Mold growth can impact your family's health and quality of life.

Many respiratory symptoms share common warning signs to mold sensitivities.

Mold typically grows on moist or water-damaged materials. If you or someone you know have a concern regarding Mold fungus, we urge you to use our simple Mold Test Kit to be sure you are safe.




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* $75 Lab Fee

Upon Return

For Testing

Mold Test Kit


  • Mold Testing: Spore Traps including Air-O-Cell, BioAire, and Micro5, Allergenco, Burkard and Biosis

  • Mold Testing: Culturable Air Samples including, Andersen, SAS & more

  • Mold Testing: Direct Examination including tape, bulk, swab, and water samples

  • PCR & DNA Testing: ERMI, mold, and more

  • MVOC’s, GLucans

  • Other Lab Services: Radon, Asbestos, Meth, Allergens, Bed Bugs, USP <797>, Lead & Water Testing